Foto Paseo en Barco por Sevilla

Ship Seville

Panoramic views

Departures every hour

Multilingual audio

Panoramic views

Departures every hour

Multilingual audio

El Barco Sevilla includes:

* The ticket will be valid for the selected day, and can be presented freely at the time you want, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Valid one ticket per trip.

Boat on the river in Seville

Behold the magnificent panoramic views of the city in the best Ship Seville to see the Guadalquivir river.

Enjoy an hour of unforgettable ride and sail through the place from where some of the greatest navigators, such as Columbus, Magellan or El Cano, departed.

From the boat, you can see the Palacio de San Telmo, the Maria Luisa Parkthe Torre del Oro, the Pavilions of the Universal Exhibition from 1929 and 1992, and all the bridges, from the IV Centenario bridge to the Alamillo bridge.

Our ships have the most modern navigation systems; you can also find drinks service, toilets and multilingual audio on board, which will tell and detail all the history and anecdotes of the most important places observable from the ship.

Ship Seville
Foto del Rio Guadalquivir de Sevilla

Seville and Triana

Foto del Barco por el Rio Guadalquivir de Sevilla


Foto de la Calle Betis Triana Sevilla


Explore Seville from the Waters: Boat Adventure on the Guadalquivir River

Immerse yourself in the beauties of Seville on a boat trip.

The charm of Seville unfolds in a whole new way when you decide to embark on an exciting trip on the Guadalquivir River on one of the most splendid Seville Boats. This idyllic ride offers you the opportunity to delight in the most magnificent panoramas and spectacular views of this marvellous city.

Seville's Historical Legacy and its Link to the River

When you sail down the Guadalquivir River, you will be following in the footsteps of some of the most illustrious navigators in history. Legendary names such as Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastian Elcano set sail from this very river on their voyages that marked a before and after in world exploration.

The Treasures Revealed by the Seville Boat

During the relaxing one-hour tour, you'll take in a series of iconic landmarks that have shaped Seville's history and culture. As the boat glides through the serene waters, you'll marvel at the majesty of the Palacio de San Telmo, a Baroque-style palace that has witnessed countless historic events.

An Encounter with Nature and History

Maria Luisa Park, with its lush gardens and shady avenues, will also be part of your visual tour. This park, designed in part by French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, adds a touch of freshness and serenity to your river experience.

Architectural Treasures on the Shore

An essential part of the boat itinerary includes a close-up view of the iconic Torre del Oro, a defensive tower built during the Almohad domination in the 13th century. Its golden glow reflected in the waters of the river will transport you back in time.

Universal Exhibitions at a Glance

The journey along the Guadalquivir River will also give you the opportunity to glimpse the Pavilions of the Universal Exhibition that marked the years 1929 and 1992. These unique architectural structures bear witness to the cultural and technological impact that these exhibitions left on the city.

Bridges Connecting Past and Present

From the iconic Puente del Centenario to the modern Puente del Alamillo, the boat tour will take you under the different bridges that link Seville's shores, symbolising the union between the city's past and present.

Comfort and On Board Services

The Seville boats are equipped with the latest navigation technology, ensuring your safety and peace of mind throughout your journey. In addition, you will find at your disposal services such as drinks, toilets and a multilingual public address system that will accompany you with fascinating stories about the places you can see from the deck.

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